Bnreo Full Automatic Home Main Entry System

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2900 TL

Although the water-insoluble calcium and magnesium minerals have a residual hardness (lime) is caused.
Hard water, although they are objectionable in terms of health to cause gastrointestinal and skin disorders, while causing the hardening of the hair after the bath, causing damage in your washing harden.
Shower and batteries as well as glass and lime, which also cause staining on your plate, because of the scale of obstruction in the device and the system leads to excessive energy consumption even severe damage.
installations exposed to hard water used becomes available, the device is broken, and the quality of the product decreases.
To avoid these losses, working with water Ca and Mg minerals are removed by ion exchange procedures fully automatic way.
Fully automated equipment, adhering to the program will be initially makes itself at certain times without the required backwash and regeneration of human intervention.
Water softening process is carried out by ion exchange procedures. By ion exchange method, the Ca and Mg ions imparting hardness to water is taken from water by passage through a cationic resin.